Very Hot and Paying Fast: Register on BlissfulPay now.

Very Hot and Paying Fast: Register on BlissfulPay now.

Very Hot and Paying Fast: Register on BlissfulPay now.

Launch Date : 20/03/2017 Time: 7:30pm

About us
BlissfulPay is a community of humanitarian and voluntary donors inspired by an absolute passion to help one another in the form of donations with the philosophy that every single hand that gives shall also abundantly receive in return. We are not leaving anyone of us behind and unlike other hit-and-run sites, BlissfulPay is here to stay, to change lives and to make dreams come true.

Register at www.BLissfulpay.com

So, join the big boys now and liberate yourself from financial bondage. GOOD LUCK!!!
Please do not Register if you cannot pay within 3 hours and/or if you cannot wait to be paid between 5 minutes and 14 days depending on the traffic.
1. This platform is suitable for those with functional mobile banking.

2. BlissfulPayers should make sure they have the amount to give right in their account before registering. Use only small letters and numbers for your username. No need opening multiple accounts because you can recycle at the end of each session. All accounts must have functional and unique Usernames, E-mail addresses and phone numbers.

3. After registration, select the package of your choice and call the receiver assigned to you BEFORE making payment to be sure he/she can confirm you immediately and AFTER payment to be sure he/she has confirmed you. Please be very polite when communicating with another participant.

4. BlissfulPayers have 3 hours to make payment otherwise you will be blocked and the Receiver will be automatically remerged to receive payment from another Blessed Giver.

5. BlissfulPayers who do not want to continue can decline payment by clicking I CAN’T PAY to be disabled from the system. You can contact admin to be reactivated later.

Register at www.BLissfulpay.com

6. Payment is on first come first serve basis and Receivers can predict their time of payment because they will see their queue number on their dashboard. After receiving complete payments, you have 24 hours to recycle or be deleted from the system.

7. Do not confirm anybody without payment, report Fake POP and cyber beggars to the admins immediately and they will be removed upon confirmation. We do not want people to abuse the purge button.

8. You do not need referrals to get paid, but each referral attracts extra N1,000 which can only be withdrawn after referring 10 persons.

So keep sharing your referral link on whatsapp/telegram groups, Facebook and twitter. You could be lucky to get more referrals from there which means more money
This platform can only be sustained when participants convince and invite new members to register and donate. NOBODY but you is responsible for your loses or gains as a result of using this platform. It is possible to make N10 million naira daily and also possible to lose all your money so always use your spare cash.
Register at www.BLissfulpay.com

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